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Candida B

Just wanted to say a big thank you for sending my order with super-sonic speed. Arrived safely today. I do wish all things arrived so quickly. Super book. Keeps my husband and I laughing.

Very best

Quiet achiever

I have had to send the maid out for more rompers, as your missives have rendered mine too damp for further use. I would suggest to your purchasers that they should not attempt to read your tome on the omnibus or train, as the resultant guffaws may attract unwanted attention. Instead I feel it will become an essential addition to every sensible household’s smallest rooms – one in each should suffice – and “Denise Thatcher Invades” will most certainly make an ideal Christmas gift for anyone with a functioning sense of humour. I trust her Dameship can be prevailed upon to insribe her name inside each of my Yuletide orders: my secretary will append a detailed list, as I intend everyone in my diary to receive their own dedicated copy, along with my seasonal advice for 2010, in brief verse form… If you’re thinking of stuffing A turkey this Christmas Make sure the RSPCA Are not around If goose is Your preference Pray show Due deference To their powerful jaws What jaws? So kind, I’ll have A large Zombie Toodle pip old gel!

Chris Chapple

book arrived this morning , have been laughing out loud with tears running down, very very funny,……..”four three two one whoosh”……, I can now recite poetry!

Duncan Gray

Dear Denise

It appears from the picture on the back of your book, that you are a lady of mature years, but someone who has clearly broken many hearts in her time. Your letters and poetry have certainly put our dear majesty’s postal service to magnificent use and come from someone with considerable wit, balls, not to mention, spare time. Thank goodness your dear friend Malcolm has published your communications for us all to appreciate. They truly are inspired and worthy of entertaining and enlightening the widest of audiences (this Christmas!). It is high time you exposed yourself.

Caroline Sheffield

A gem, a delight, an exercise in wit, audacity and impudence, both from the author, Denise Thatcher and some (if not all) of the august organisations and individuals to whom she has addressed her missives….this book made me smile, chuckle and even guffaw….not to mention increasing my awareness of the power of heartfelt poetry to move even the most mighty! Brilliant!!


Dahling – having found deep satisfaction am taking you to bed with me daily xx

Nic Stacey

Darling marvellous read! Have you any of those razors left?? and when was the Ann Summers party?

Tom Frost

I much enjoyed the book. Finished in a couple of days. Denise has got balls or maybe not! The replies back were eyeopeners as were some of the original request letters. Party poopers those that did not reply. Is there going to be a sequel?

Norman Major

I have just finished reading your book, which I’m ashamed to say I found in a charity shop – and signed too, for just ?1.99. Scandalous, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I found it the most enjoyable book I had read for a very long while and have now sent the copy to a dear friend of mine for her to enjoy too.

Congratulations on a modern day masterpiece.


Dear Ms Thatcher, I am in receipt of a tome purporting to be a collection of the recent works of your own, esteemed self. Clearly it is no such thing: the levity and absurdity contained within its covers identify it, rather, as a crude attempt to subvert and undermine your deserved reputation as the leading Poet of Our Age, as well as a transparently absurd attack on many of our most eminent business and political luminaries. I urge you to take action immediately to prevent the further dissemination of this scurrilous publication. Yours etc, Sued, Grabbedit and Ran

Lord Gough

A sensational read.

Witty, funny and enlightening with many a useful hint, it is a book to return to over and over again.

Sean Joseph Casey

Denise Thatcher’s book of letters and poems is reminiscent of her contemporary inquisitor of public figures, Ali G. (Sacha Baron Cohen) whose hilarious interviews elicited varying reactions from his victims. As with Ali G, Thatcher’s victims, with a few notable exceptions, were at a loss as to how to respond adding to the humour and absurdity of the communication. Unlike Ali, Denise added well versed poems to round off her point of view and nail her victims. I particularly like the Guinness reply and found myself wondering if she might have elicited the same reaction from Aston Martin. Worth a shot. I think there is a video dimension yet to add to this excellent publication and look forward to Denise gracing our plasma screens in the near future.


I managed to snag a copy, while drunk, last night. Told that the book would be ideal for the loo. Utterly wrong! The book is brilliant – with major hangover and travelling up to the City, I found myself laughing out loud – and should be on the bookshelf (of course, the quality of paper is such that keeping it in the loo may help in times of emergency). The genius of the letters and replies is that you find yourself very much in the mind and reality of Dame Denise…Airship Consortium (why not an airship moored to The Tate Modern??), Dinner Party invitations to Tone, Cherie, HRH Prince of Wales and spouse..of course! and the increasing anger towards those who do not reply! A gem!


Having a broken arm was not a prerequisite to reading this book in the many waiting rooms I subsequently visited, but the healing process was regularly set back as I fell off chairs, benches, stools, seats high and low, laughing. Denise has the ability to make the big and powerful seem so ordinary and vain, with such delicate stilletto jabs. Do your cheek muscles a favour let this book exercise them, just choose your location or you may disturb the regulars. Why Denise has NOT been on TV yet is a puzzle, perhaps she has pulled one leg too many of the many legs of the establishment. I hope we see her playing the lead in the new film Ironing Lady, much better than that Streep person/actor.

Carolyn S

Dear Denise, Returning home after a family visit I was given your book to read? A ditty by way of explanation. Whilst boarding a train with mags all read My sister said why not read this instead? She guaranteed it would make me laugh And what else would I do for 2 hours and a half? I?ll admit to it being whimsically curious But truly loved the tongue in cheek spurious HOWEVER?.. In the end I had to put the thing down Since all in my carriage were sporting a frown I tried to read quietly with head held bowed But just could not help but laugh out loud I was giggling and squeaking all over the place While tears of amusement ran down my face They worried that I shouldn?t be out by myself That I personally was missing a book from my shelf? So I rushed back home to see how it ends And enjoyed it so much I?d like some for my friends! Thank you so very much and I?ll look forward to reading the rest??.. Also a big thank you to my sister Marianne (resident of Fulham) for providing me with your hilarious omnibus. Maybe I should apologise to the co travellers on the quiet coach London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads???.Nah stuff ?em for being soooo po faced ! Carolyn PS. Reflecting on lively evenings spent in the Half Moon I certainly think your sons makeover of their sign to be eminently apt.

Malcolm Harris

What a splendid organ. Last night I devoured Dame Denise’s anthology of epistolary delights from cover to cover, chortling, chuckling and repeatedly becoming breathless with glee throughout its 270-odd (very odd) pages. It is a rare enough event for any publication to elicit bursts of laughter, but to do so at the turn of almost every page is a feat of Herculean proportions. It minded me of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell firing off similarly inventive and hilarious missives to various establishment figures and corporations in the 1960s. Dame Denise is the essence of why we are proud to be British and her noble work should be trumpeted throughout the land, perhaps on the sheets of a roll of Ringmaster or the gargantuan side of a restaurant dirigible. Brava!

Chris Weeks

I liked the book very much and have told all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. I am now reading a similar book, called The Wind Up Letters. Obviously it’s not as good. I believe it was written by someone from the Isle of Man. He must be a cyclist or TT racer. I prefer to be chaufferred. Perhaps we can meet for dinner in C*****n sometime soon – Thursday?

Mark Oppe

Such energy generated on the North bank of the Thames, no wonder Thames Water are proposing a new sewer system !

Not to suggest that the contents of ” Denise Thatcher Invades Britain ” are shit – quite the reverse – brain food greedily digested.

Read it yourself and decide.

Hilary Elphick

I read I laughed I conquered.

Just read your wonderous book, of your exciting escapades, of your attempt to invade Britain, many have tried before, but long may you reign.

Loved it and shared it. Thank you.


Sue Cavendish

Thank you for the deliciously wicked Denise Thatcher invades Britain. I remember well the letters of Henry Root and the fun one can have with a sense of fun and a stamp! And of course the gullibility of business people in general. It’s very, very funny!