Quiet achiever

I have had to send the maid out for more rompers, as your missives have rendered mine too damp for further use. I would suggest to your purchasers that they should not attempt to read your tome on the omnibus or train, as the resultant guffaws may attract unwanted attention. Instead I feel it will become an essential addition to every sensible household’s smallest rooms – one in each should suffice – and “Denise Thatcher Invades” will most certainly make an ideal Christmas gift for anyone with a functioning sense of humour. I trust her Dameship can be prevailed upon to insribe her name inside each of my Yuletide orders: my secretary will append a detailed list, as I intend everyone in my diary to receive their own dedicated copy, along with my seasonal advice for 2010, in brief verse form… If you’re thinking of stuffing A turkey this Christmas Make sure the RSPCA Are not around If goose is Your preference Pray show Due deference To their powerful jaws What jaws? So kind, I’ll have A large Zombie Toodle pip old gel!