Carolyn S

Dear Denise, Returning home after a family visit I was given your book to read? A ditty by way of explanation. Whilst boarding a train with mags all read My sister said why not read this instead? She guaranteed it would make me laugh And what else would I do for 2 hours and a half? I?ll admit to it being whimsically curious But truly loved the tongue in cheek spurious HOWEVER?.. In the end I had to put the thing down Since all in my carriage were sporting a frown I tried to read quietly with head held bowed But just could not help but laugh out loud I was giggling and squeaking all over the place While tears of amusement ran down my face They worried that I shouldn?t be out by myself That I personally was missing a book from my shelf? So I rushed back home to see how it ends And enjoyed it so much I?d like some for my friends! Thank you so very much and I?ll look forward to reading the rest??.. Also a big thank you to my sister Marianne (resident of Fulham) for providing me with your hilarious omnibus. Maybe I should apologise to the co travellers on the quiet coach London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads???.Nah stuff ?em for being soooo po faced ! Carolyn PS. Reflecting on lively evenings spent in the Half Moon I certainly think your sons makeover of their sign to be eminently apt.